cupcake, bite me, firstillusion

So I guess I'm going to use this thing?

We should start with a quick about me ^.^

I am new to lolita, inspired by japanese fashion and my girly-girly-girliness. I have a nail polish addiction that cannot be cured. I work as a dj. I have a kitten and her name is Marie Taco Catoinette. I am in law school. I love sweet lolita the most, but am not quite OTT. I wear lolita daily, although I don't wear a petticoat or bloomers most days. Generally it's just a tshirt and skirt, or a blouse and jsk. 

I love the vain and self-obsessed escapism that lolita gives me. I love spending hours attaching rhinestone to my phone, or curling my hair, or picking the perfect print precisely because it is time that I'm not cleaning or doing my homework or worrying about the future. I love that people look at me oddly. I have no interest in becoming a part of any lolita drama, although I would love to have a local lolita friend. 

I am witty and sarcastic and I love like-minded people. I don't think about politics much because it makes me angry, but I'm very opinionated. I have a foul mouth, even when wearing lolita. 

I love Amanda Palmer. She changed my life.